Aside from being a memorable play on words, The name Stay at Home Gypsy conjures up a feeling of wanderlust, and a desire to grow, learn and live with an open mind and heart. There is a divine luxury in staying at home and creating a sacred space full of love, simple pleasures and everyday rituals that nourish the mind, body and soul.

All Stay at Home Gypsy pieces are designed with this in mind. Sterling silver is used to enhance the natural beauty of hand-selected crystals and gemstones, that not only look stunning but have some powerful healing properties. All silversmith pieces are made using the best quality recycled sterling silver, sourced here in Australia, and high quality gemstones that have been collected on travels overseas, alongside locally sourced pieces.

Aside from this website, you can find Stay at Home Gypsy at many of the local markets around the Byron Bay area.

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